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Bookmarked! My Finds for the Week of April 12th

I use the "save" option a lot on LinkedIn to keep up with the #futureofwork and L&D. I also like to look outside of my immediate network to find resources that can help me be a better learning designer (and person).

💡 Here's what I saved/discovered/found this week 💡:

Current Events

  • 💡 Intersectionality means people of different races, nationalities and ethnicities are celebrating Ramadan over the next 30 days. Fellow LinkedINer, Rubina Halwani is using her platform to combat Islamophobia. I thank her for volunteering her time to doing this, although it shouldn't be her burden to carry. I want to remind us all to compensate those who do the labor to show us the things we out to unlearn ourselves. Compensation comes in many forms, but do not take more than you give.

  • 💡 Will Thalheimer posed an interesting question to get the L&D community to think critically about the type of work they create and it's impact on learners, organizations, society and themselves. What would you do?


Learning and Development

Gartner Learning Innovations Bullseye


  • 💡 via Mike Taylor (the greatest L&D Curator there is!)


If you didn't know - you can save posts you find interesting on LinkedIn. Here's how you can start curating your own library of resources: Save content on LinkedIn


Hi! My name is Nyla. I am learning experience designer, nonprofit co-founder and peer mentor. I have a podcast, I create digital planning and tracking tools for new instructional designers, and work out loud as I grow in my learning and development career.

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