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Podcast Show Notes: Episode 8 - Crafting Your Instructional Design Philosophy

Episode title and number: Episode 8, Crafting Your Instructional Design Philosophy

Name of show: I’m New Here: A podcast for new instructional designers and e-learning developers

Airing Date: June 15, 2020

Host: Nyla Spooner

Questions/Comments/Concerns? Email the show:

Episode Summary:

This week’s episode discusses how to craft your instructional design philosophy. Once you take time to think about it, you will have a better understanding of how you want to show up in the world as an Instructional Designer, and be confident about your personal instructional design philosophy.

In this episode, I discuss...

  • “... but before you start looking for an instructional design job, gathering materials for your portfolio, so on and so forth... ask yourself these questions: What do I believe about learning?(02:16)

  • This speech is all about you: who you are, what you do, and what you want to do (if you're job hunting)” (03:33)

  • “...Once you have your philosophy outlined, you’ll notice how much easier it is to start putting your portfolio together, create demos for that portfolio, write a resume, or bio etc. because you will have a foundation to start from.(05:33)

List of resources mentioned in episode:

Homework: This week’s homework assignment is to craft your instructional design philosophy using the elevator pitch method. It doesn’t have to be only 30-60 seconds long, but that’s a good starting point.

**Use the formula I gave you earlier: who you are, what you do, and what you want to do**

My Elevator Pitch/Philosophy (the short version):

I’m a Learning Experience Designer. (Who I Am) I create adult-learning experiences for the digital space. (What I do) I believe in strategic, user-centered design that prioritizes a foundational understanding of how people learn. I want to create transformative learning solutions that meet performance goals and change the way people feel about whatever their learning (What I want to do).

Follow me on socials: @nylalxd

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