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Season 2, Episode 3 - Moving Up? #ImNewHerePodcast

Episode title and number: What is Entry-Level Anyway? , Ep. 202

Name of show: I’m New Here: A podcast for new instructional designers and e-learning developers

Airing Date: August 9 , 2021

Host: Nyla Spooner

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Episode Summary:

Let’s set a baseline definition for what an entry-level, Instructional Design job looks like. Once we’ve established that, then we can manage our expectations for what it means to start new in the field, and what it takes to advance. Then, we will talk about why a job might ask for 2-3 years experience for an entry-level ID job. Then I’ll wrap things up with how to determine if you’re ready for an entry-level role or something else. Because really, it’s up to you to make that decision.

List of resources mentioned in episode:

Homework: This week, practice spotting entry-level job descriptions and take time to look at the ATD Talent Development Capability Model (link above). Compare them to see if you recognize any patterns.

Transcript: Episode 201 Transcript

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  • Entry level job interviews be like by Zach Star Himself

  • North, Shortt, Bowman, Akinkuolie “How Instructional Design is Operationalized in Various Industries for job-Seeking Learning Designers: Engaging the Talent Development Capability Model, 2021

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