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#ELHChallenge 256: Using Webcam Video to Create Interactive Lectures

It has been a while since I had a chance to sit down and complete a challenge because I was prepping for a trip to Vegas!

That's right, I went to Vegas. I promise you it was for work, though. I spent a week at the DevLearn conference produced by the E-Learning Guild.

While there, I got the chance to meet our challenge master and Director of Customer Training at Articulate, David Anderson! We had a quick, but valuable chat about making the most out of the weekly challenges. Don't worry, I plan on going in depth about everything I absorbed in my whirlwind week at #devlearn.

But first, I am taking some of the advice David bestowed upon me and jumping back into this week's challenge to create interactive lectures with webcam video.

In August, I announced a mentoring challenge where I hope to help 100 women of color enter the Learning and Development space over the next 5 years. One of the ways I have been doing this is by livestreaming my Storyline builds for small groups of new e-learning developers. People are able to ask me questions as I build, and I answer them in real-time.

My Process

I've edited together a short clip from one of my livestream sessions where someone asked me about choosing a color theme for my courses. I introduced the group to Adobe Kuler, a color palette generator, and encouraged them to start including mood-boards in their design planning.

I use Zoom to livestream, and record each session so those who were not able to join live can watch a replay. I release the replay via my mailing list 12 to 24 hours after the session.

I used Canva to produce a short, animated title card that can also be used as a YouTube thumbnail in the future. I use the paid subscription version of both Zoom and Canva and find them to be invaluable tools for work and as a mentor.

Check it out above, or view it in the Rise course I am building out for my mentorship program.


If you are a new Instructional Designer/e-learning developer and need inspiration to help you build out your portfolio…you NEED to type “e-learning heroes” into your browser right now and FAVORITE that website. Read all about how important participating in these challenges can be if you're a new e-learning developer here.

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