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Podcast Show Notes: Episode 5 - The Theory of Everything

Episode title and number: Episode 5: The Theory of Everything

Name of show: I’m New Here: A podcast for new instructional designers and e-learning developers

Airing Date: Every Monday

Host: Nyla Spooner

Questions/Comments/Concerns? Email the show:

Episode Summary:

This week we’re talking about the theory, process, and skills that will help you succeed in your first ID position. Instructional design covers many disciplines including user experience and visual design, pedagogy, psychology, computer science, etc.

Because of this, people are really worried about what they need to learn FIRST in order to feel comfortable calling themselves an Instructional Designer.

Stop worrying and start doing, especially after this episode - you won’t have any other excuse to be wishy-washy about where to start.

In this episode, I discuss...

  • “... it’s up to you to dig deeper into each topic, be motivated to absorb more on your own time and fall in love with that process of discovery, failure, and even frustration ” (00:38)

  • To be an effective instructional designer, you need to understand learning theory - or the cognitive, emotional, and environmental influences, as well as prior experience, that play a part in how understanding, or a person’s world view, is acquired or changed(02:07)

  • “...we can identify specific instructional theories or models that support these principles and apply them to whatever learning intervention we are creating. An important part of becoming an ID is determining which theory works best for the outcome we desire. (03:16)

List of resources mentioned in episode:


Create a 4-step plan to getting "job-ready". You can use the framework I give you in this episode, or create your own.

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