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#ELHChallenge 249: Creating Light and Dark Versions of E-Learning Templates

In this week's challenge, I wanted to incorporate a few common interactions in a new way. Inspired by fellow developer Jonathan Hill's challenge submission from a couple weeks ago, I tried to create the swipe effect using a slider.

I also used the slider effect from Michael Hinze's "Before and After" challenge submission as a guide for building this demo.

I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with Storyline's slider interaction. I love that it exists, and that it pretty much programs itself. I hate how temperamental it can be across devices.

I created three versions of this demo, and settled on this design:

- Inserted slider interaction on a slide with two layers (dark and light variations)

- Inserted an image as the slider's "thumb" on the base layer, and on the dark/light layers.

- Created buttons that linked to each variation on branched slides.

This type of slider provides a nice visual effect that can be used for comparison purposes, before and after demonstration, or other training purposes. I want to keep perfecting the effect so it's as seamless as Hinze's is here. That may prove tricky since I am trying to reveal layers that lead to branching, and Hinze's effect is simply one image.

I cannot wait to keep playing around with this effect, and sliders in general. How do you use sliders in your digital learning solutions?

View Demo here:

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