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#ELHChallenge 242:Use Audio, Music, and Sound Effects in E-Learning

I managed to find some time early on a Sunday morning to eek out this week’s edition of the Articulate Storyline E-learning Heroes challenge!

I remembered a demo I did long ago for a job interview. It was all about café training. I had a few projects under my belt by this time, but they were proprietary so I couldn’t include them in my portfolio. Instead, I found a café training guide online and built a WBT based on it. I used that portfolio project as inspiration for this one.


After sourcing some sample material online (everything credited at the end of this post), I built out a simple branching scenario with ambient café sounds, a drag and drop interaction, and click to reveal interactions.

A great resource for sound is People from around the world submit sounds they have captured in their day-to-day lives and share them on this platform. It is a great site, and everything is FREE (but if you can donate, you should. It’s a good way to keep this resource alive).

I also embedded a couple of videos: one from the Storyline video library, and one from YouTube.

I committed to completing more challenges this month than ever before and I took my average from zero to 3, so I will pat myself on the back.

Are you an e-learning developer looking to flex your skills or build your portfolio? Try these challenge on for size. They are great started even if you don’t use Articulate Storyline products.


- Soundscape: Thanks to users: nmscher, MrAuralization, BurghRecords and Widowaker

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