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#ELHChallenge 242:Use Audio, Music, and Sound Effects in E-Learning

I managed to find some time early on a Sunday morning to eek out this week’s edition of the Articulate Storyline E-learning Heroes challenge!

I remembered a demo I did long ago for a job interview. It was all about café training. I had a few projects under my belt by this time, but they were proprietary so I couldn’t include them in my portfolio. Instead, I found a café training guide online and built a WBT based on it. I used that portfolio project as inspiration for this one.


After sourcing some sample material online (everything credited at the end of this post), I built out a simple branching scenario with ambient café sounds, a drag and drop interaction, and click to reveal interactions.

A great resource for sound is People from around the world submit sounds they have captured in their day-to-day lives and share them on this platform. It is a great site, and everything is FREE (but if you can donate, you should. It’s a good way to keep this resource alive).

I also embedded a couple of videos: one from the Storyline video library, and one from YouTube.

I committed to completing more challenges this month than ever before and I took my average from zero to 3, so I will pat myself on the back.

Are you an e-learning developer looking to flex your skills or build your portfolio? Try these challenge on for size. They are great started even if you don’t use Articulate Storyline products.

View my challenge submission here:


- Coffee Info:

- Soundscape: Thanks to users: nmscher, MrAuralization, BurghRecords and Widowaker

- YouTube: French Press Coffee

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