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Free Online Portfolio Webinar: Click Publish, Tonight!

I'm hosting a FREE webinar on December 19th at 7pm CST about building and publishing your online portfolio, ASAP. Start preparing for 2020!

If you're making a career pivot or looking for a job - or simply need a place to showcase your **BADASS** projects, you NEED an online portfolio. I'll show you how to DIY your portfolio and design something like this to show to potential employers, clients, etc:

When you own your domain name and have a "fully-loaded" portfolio online, you can be ready for anything! No need to rush and gather materials for a spur of the moment job interview.

"Seating" is limited. I answer questions live, and prefer to keep webinars relatively small. 8 of 15 available spots are already reserved!

When you register, you will receive a link to download a free workbook (designed to help you gather what you need to "go live" quickly) in your confirmation email

Find out more and register here:

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