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Like so many before me, I'm an accidental instructional designer. While taking master level classes in Human Resource Development, I discovered the excitement of learning technologies in an e-Learning class.  I made the decision, then and there, and dedicated my career to the future of learning. If you need help with your next e-Learning project, I can take you from a learning design plan right to a fully published eLearning module ready to deploy to your organization.

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100 women of color entering the Learning and Development field over the next 5 years

As Grace MacJones said, "you don’t have to be at a certain level or have a special title to help other people. No matter what position you are currently at, you have the ability to have positive impact on the people around you".  In that same vein, I am challenging myself to help 100 women of color enter the Learning and Development field over the next 5 years. Are you looking for a mentor, or just someone to bounce ideas off of? I'm totally willing to chat! 

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