I design

adult-learning experiences for the digital space.

Who I am

I’m a Learning Experience Designer. I create adult-learning experiences for the digital space. I believe in strategic, user-centered design that prioritizes a foundational understanding of how people learn. I want to create transformative learning solutions that meet performance goals and change the way people feel about what they are learning. I practice what I preach, and am committed to my continuous education. I'm a self-directed learner, and I'm pretty good at tackling my own "curriculum". I'm currently working on my UX/UI and coding skills.


I am a co-founder and learning experience designer at DESIGNxHUMANITY: a collective pairing experienced creatives with fresh faces to collaborate on real-world projects advocating for equity, diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism. When I'm not building courses and other learning experiences, I create content around learning and development - including a podcast and YouTube videos.

I am an end-to-end designer with experience in:

Content Analysis  e-Learning
Learning Experience Design

 ADDIE   Social Media

Storyboarding    Evaluation  

Blended Learning

I want to mentor 

100 women of color entering the Learning and Development field over the next 5 years

As Grace MacJones said, "you don’t have to be at a certain level or have a special title to help other people. No matter what position you are currently at, you have the ability to have positive impact on the people around you".  In that same vein, I would like to help 100 women of color enter the Learning and Development field over the next 5 years. I am currently hosting the 1st cohort of women in my #100IDs initiative. Each cohort is for new instructional designers and those with experience looking for peer support. 

Portfolio &

e-Learning Demos

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Instructional Design and eLearning Development Examples