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Designing a Slack Chatbot using | Submission 2 for #TheShow | #TheLearningConference

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

I'm taking part in The Show!

It's a learning design competition in conjunction with The Learning Conference (a learning and development conference for Learning Experience Designers, by Learning Experience Designers)

**Want to attend the conference?**

64 participants were chosen based on their quality of work, and entered into the single-elimination tournament.

Winners will be voted by the community via YouTube, and the overall competition winner will receive 'The Show' Best Learning Designer 2020 Award

Check out my second submission: A slack-based chatbot to support an organization's health and wellness program. I created the mock-up using

Want to vote for my submission? Subscribe here

Check out my podcast for new instructional designers, called "I'm New Here" -

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